Student Animations through December 7th

“Understanding Time: DMA research animation projects in Survey of Animation and Visual Effects,” will be in the Llewellyn Gallery through December 7th. The class, taught by Jason Bernagozzi, was assigned to make an animation in the style of one of the animators they studied during the semester. They were to use only traditional materials and methods.

Understanding Time Exhibition Poster

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Personal Geographies

Each year, students in the Computer Animation 1 class create their own “Personal Geography.” The assignment asks students to create a map that will serve as a self portrait of themselves. They utilize digital scanners, PhotoShop software, and digital printers to create prints for the exhibition.

Personal Geography by Torr Micha

Personal Geography by Torr Micha

The number of First Year DMA students has been rising substantially, forcing some difficult curatorial decisions about what to include in the exhibition. This year the exhibition was curated by senior DMA student and Gallery Intern, Michael Pezzulo.

Many of the prints will go from the gallery to be framed and hung in the common areas of the dorms on campus, where students can witness the diversity of the student population they are a part of.

The exhibition runs through November 22nd.

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Chair – First Year Students in Digital Media & Animation

Chairs Poster

Poster Design by Michael Pezzulo

Charcoal drawings of the first year DMA students are in the gallery October 24 -Nov 4.

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A Few Little Problems – Jenny Hyde

Jenny Hyde’s solo exhibition “A Few Little Problems” will be in the Llewellyn Gallery through October 20th.

Still from The Core

Still from The Core

Jenny Hyde is a digital artist and Assistant Professor of Art at Eastern Washington University in Washington State. She received her MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University in 2006. Her work has been part of media festivals and exhibitions nationally and abroad such as the New York Electronic Arts Festival in NYC and the upcoming XTC – Xiaozhou Transport Company itinerant experimental performance project in London (November 2011).  She was a recent recipient of a Grant for Artist Projects (GAP) award from Artist Trust. She currently lives and works in Olympia, Washington.

Artist Statement

My work makes use of the relationship between body and environment. The body is a form of measurement, space and time are shown through specific movement, and physical dimensions provide structure for performative acts. Elements of performance are combined with formal and metaphorical concerns to create works of art, sometimes with a vestigial painterly aspect.

Re-occurring themes in my work range from examinations of the mark-making process itself to responses to the struggles of day-to-day life and the emotional and physical present tense. The body is what carries out these ideas and explorations – in some works the body is the subject whereas in others evidence of the body provides the image. I mainly work with time-based media and explore many digital formats. The tools I use to create my work are as important as the body for providing structural and conceptual parameters.

There is a silliness, sweetness and sadness in much of the work I make, which is a direct response to (for the most part) the silly and unremarkable experience of living one’s life. There is a wonder too, of recognizing the universality of the mundane. All my work speaks about the parallels of experience and celebrates the imperfections of living and the impossibility of finding all the right answers. My goal is to provide a sense of poetics to these hum-drum aspects of living.  -Jenny Hyde

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17 Days Vol. 4

Still from "Ephialtes" by Espacio Cuantico

Volume 4 of 17 Days opens in the Llewellyn Gallery on Monday August 22nd, coinsiding with the first day of classes at Alfred State. The gallery has hosted 17 Days for the past 3 years, always one of the most popular events in the Gallery.The concept is that a new video artist’s work is shown in the gallery each day for 17 days. The series is curated by Adriane Little, Associate Professor at the Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University. More information on the series can be found on the web site:
17 Days Vol. 4 runs from August 22 to September 13th.

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Becoming – Constance Pennisi

Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
Connie Pennisi, who has been pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Integrated Art at Alfred University, presented the result of her scholarship in an exhibition titled Becoming in the Llewellyn Gallery April 16-29.

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Through the visual mutation of video images, Pennisi explores the changing nature of language. She presents language as flowing water, shifting in shape and meaning through time. Approaching new technologies from a formalist background, and its foundation of visual language, allows her to combine and create new languages in time-based media and traditional materials. The reciprocity of language becomes an artistic practice and process by which she explores her relation to the world.

Pennisi holds a BFA and an MSEd from Alfred University.  After graduating with her BFA, Pennisi studied under Miss Katherine Nelson for approximately five years.  Her work has been in numerous local shows in the Southern Tier and is in private collections in the states and abroad. Pennisi has taught in the Digital Media and Animation Program at Alfred State College for eleven years.

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a glimpse, spark & flash

March 22 – April 8

Artist Lecture April 8th @ 4:00

Born in Toronto Ontario, Jen Pepper is an installation artist who now lives in Central New York. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in 20 solo exhibitions to date and has participated in over 50 group exhibitions since 1990. Her work has been seen in international and national venues including Ireland, Japan, Canada, New York City and other gallery and museums throughout the USA. In 2008 her work was included in The Astraea Visual Art fellows’ panel, The Sackler Center for Feminist Art Brooklyn Museum of Art, NYC.  In 2010 a solo exhibition of her work, That which can not be held, was exhibited at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY.

a glimpse spark & flash postcard


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