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Student Animations through December 7th

“Understanding Time: DMA research animation projects in Survey of Animation and Visual Effects,” will be in the Llewellyn Gallery through December 7th. The class, taught by Jason Bernagozzi, was assigned to make an animation in the style of one of the animators they studied during the semester. They were to use only traditional materials and methods.

Understanding Time Exhibition Poster


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Personal Geographies

Each year, students in the Computer Animation 1 class create their own “Personal Geography.” The assignment asks students to create a map that will serve as a self portrait of themselves. They utilize digital scanners, PhotoShop software, and digital printers to create prints for the exhibition.

Personal Geography by Torr Micha

Personal Geography by Torr Micha

The number of First Year DMA students has been rising substantially, forcing some difficult curatorial decisions about what to include in the exhibition. This year the exhibition was curated by senior DMA student and Gallery Intern, Michael Pezzulo.

Many of the prints will go from the gallery to be framed and hung in the common areas of the dorms on campus, where students can witness the diversity of the student population they are a part of.

The exhibition runs through November 22nd.

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