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March 22 – April 8

Artist Lecture April 8th @ 4:00

Born in Toronto Ontario, Jen Pepper is an installation artist who now lives in Central New York. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in 20 solo exhibitions to date and has participated in over 50 group exhibitions since 1990. Her work has been seen in international and national venues including Ireland, Japan, Canada, New York City and other gallery and museums throughout the USA. In 2008 her work was included in The Astraea Visual Art fellows’ panel, The Sackler Center for Feminist Art Brooklyn Museum of Art, NYC.  In 2010 a solo exhibition of her work, That which can not be held, was exhibited at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY.

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Zweygardt Gallery Talk

Sculptor Glenn Zweygardt spoke about his life and work during a gallery talk in the Llewellyn Gallery last week. The current exhibition, Zweygardt Over Time, explores the various stages of his work as they have developed over time. I was pleased to curate this exhibition to showcase some of Zweygardt’s smaller works. It was an added treat to be able to view the exhibition with students as they engaged in conversation with the artist.

image of Zweygardt Talking to students

Zweygardt talks about his work in the gallery

Best known for his large outdoor sculptures, Zweygardt has recently been working at a more modest scale. One piece in the exhibition combines the well known images of the Venus of Willendorf with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While another piece works to arrest the movement of spanish moss and animate negative space. Zweygardt was just as pleased to speak about farm machinery as he is about art history and the influence each of these subjects has had on his work. It should not surprise you then to hear that we talked of such vast subjects as gender and family to bioterrorism and OJ Simpson.

Zweygardt with students

Zweygardt with students

Zweygardt may be retired from his official position as a Professor of Sculpture, but he has not stopped teaching. He spent hours in the gallery talking to students, even looking at student work and giving advice on casting techniques. It was an afternoon full of the type of great conversation and creative energy that inspires artists of all ages.

If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, there’s still time. Zweygardt Over Time runs through March 25th.

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Zweygardt Over Time

The Llewellyn Art Gallery on the Alfred State College campus will be presenting the work of sculptor Glenn Zweygardt from  January 17th through February 25th. Zweygardt creates complex media sculptures using diverse materials, such as cast bronze, glass, iron, marble, stainless steel, stone and granite,The Llewellyn Gallery is located in the Engineering Technologies Building, room 312, on the Alfred State College campus in Alfred, NY. Regular gallery hours are Monday through Friday 10:00am – 4:00 pm. Zweygardt will present an artist lecture at 1:30 on Friday, February, 4th. A reception with the artist will immediately follow.

Spanish Moss Blues

The works of Glenn Zweygardt are simultaneously ancient and contemporary. Zweygardt possesses an uncanny ability to fuse dissimilar elements and concepts, natural occurring and fabricated forms, into structures that command the attention if the observer. This interaction of artist, nature and technology has a unifying affect on the observer’s imagery and psyche. Duplication and relationship is a recurring theme found throughout Zweygardt’s work. A carefully chosen stone, cast and duplicated in bronze, aluminum or steel becomes the basis of definite architectural themes that manifest in a range of sizes.

Zweygardt’s mastery of the building process along with his ability to create enormous works of art from materials of tremendous mass has gained him international recognition and membership to the Berman Group, a cooperative of sculptors whose collective work spans virtually the entire spectrum of possibilities of “traditional” modernist sculpture.

Kansas born, Zweygardt earned the BFA degree from Wichita State in 1967. He received the MFA from the Maryland Institute of Art in 1969 and is an emeritus Professor of Sculpture at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Zweygardt works independently in his immense workshop in Alfred Station, New York. Here his work continues to evolve-varied shapes and rich surfaces, transparent and dense forms, concept and technical relationships, personal and collective perceptions-into fine art of eminent legacy.

More information on Glenn Zweygardt can be found on his website at


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Combining art and science; walking the tightrope

Students, ASC faculty, staff, and community members gathered to hear artist Carol Flaitz speak. Her talk, titled “Combining art and science; walking the tightrope,” revealed the history of the seemingly disparate disciplines to a full gallery.

Flaitz’s current work is a series of ceramic paintings based on images obtained through electron microscopy. This work is accompanied by work from a number of international artists whose work is part of theNanoArt21, competition. The mission of Nanoart21 is to raise the public awareness of nanotechnology and its impact.

During the reception, Digital Media and Animation students had the opportunity to meet Flaitz and speak to her about her work.

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